About Us

Are you a triathlete, distance runner or interested in becoming one?



Whether you are an experienced athlete, or are new to the triathlon and distance running scene, TRITRAIN offers many benefits to members of ALL AGES and ALL ABILITIES.


  • STATE OF THE ART WEBSITE – Stay on top of your training with all the latest technologies.
  • CLINICS AND COACHING – Take advantage of special informational clinics and group / private coaching to help you get prepared to race at your peak performance.
  • SPONSOR DISCOUNTS – Various sport related stores and service providers in the Greater Los Angeles area and online.
  • RACE DISCOUNTS – potential events include triathlons, running races and cycling races
  • MEDIA REWARDS PROGRAM – opportunity to earn cool stuff by representing TriTrain if you are flying the team colors in print or on screen
  • PODIUM PROGRAM – opportunity to win sponsorship money and gear for landing on the podium wearing TriTrain Club gear
  • FREE TRITRAIN CLUB “SCHWAG” – race belts, hats, tech t’s, team gear and more are given out throughout the year at meetings, races, and social events
  • FREE SPONSOR”SCHWAG” – PowerBars, PowerGels, etc. are given out throughout the year at club meetings, races, and social events
  • OPPORTUNITY TO BE A PART OF A TEAM – Members who race in the TriTrain uniform are never alone on race day. You’ll hear spectators and fellow athletes cheer you on. This kind of moral support can really be helpful when you’re struggling to make it to the finish line!

In addition to the discounts, free stuff, knowledge, and social opportunities, arguably the most valuable aspect of the Club is that many members tap into our extensive network of athletes and coaches for training partners. If you belong to another team, you likely have a formal training plan and scheduled coached sessions. Outside of the scheduled “coached” sessions, you’re expected to train on your own…but isn’t in better to find training partners that will motivate you, inspire you, push you and support you.

One great benefit of TriTrain is that we provide the infrastructure whereby you can meet someone of a similar athletic level who lives in your location. Need a training partner? Just shoot an email to the membership through the Club’s email network, and you’re sure to find someone who lives nearby.

Take a look at our website, browse some of the photos and see some of what we have to offer. To the extent that you’re looking to compete in triathlon, a TriTrain membership will make that experience all the more fun!


MEET OUR COACHES and Check out our 2016 RACE SCHEDULE!