Carb Quest 2013: Confessions of a Carboholic

Not gonna lie – I love carbs. I mean, I REALLY LOVE CARBS! The worst kind, too. Sweet, doughy, crunchy, even salty if there’s no sweets around to be had. The only reason I’m not severely obese is because I burn thousands of calories each day teaching classes, training clients and training myself.

So when one of my clients concocted her latest personal challenge – the 1-ab challenge (she is determined to lean down and see at least 1 ab definition before the holidays), I agreed to join her in a daily nutritional shift.
Personally, I dislike the word diet. The word has become synonymous with restriction, discomfort and limitation. When in fact, your daily intake of food should be a bountiful exploration of varieties – even some vices – to keep you both physically, mentally and EMOTIONALLY strong. (Stop…read back two words…let it sink in). Yup, sometimes a bag of potato chips or a handful of cookies is just the cheat you need to keep you sane and not wanting to play demolition derby with that driver that is going too slow ahead of you when you’re trying to drive to work.

But I digress…

As the website is in it’s final stages of re-construction, I thought I’d take a moment to jot a quick discovery on Facebook. I wish I could say I discovered this…but I didn’t. However, I hope my stumbling across it can help even one other person that wrestles regularly with the carb monster and is looking for healthy alternatives that don’t always taste like grass or one of those nasty cookies your grandparents used to give you, but were really used to help them stay regular.
I like rice. I usually eat brown rice – and as I started to monitor my food, I realized I ate way (WAY) too much. Sadly, an entire bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice is not a single serving. In fact, it’s 2 servings (or 400 calories). Even more sad, 1 serving just wasn’t making me feel satiated. Thanks to my good pal Emily Conlon (a.k.a. Cheese), she has offered a solution that REALLY works!

Pan-fried Cauliflower Rice.

Yeah, we all know we can steam and mash the white veggie to replace our beloved mashed potatoes…but did you know you can “rice” raw cauliflower, toss it into a pan with a tbsp of olive oil (or I used coconut oil…greater health benefits..but that’s a different episode), some onions, garlic, seasoning and…VOILA! A super-healthy, super-low calorie and carb option to rice. In fact, you can eat about 2x the amount of Cauliflower Rice and still not equal a single serving of Brown Rice.
Pictured below, I tossed 1 cup of the delish “rice” dish with 1 cup Kale Salad (pre-packaged from Whole Foods), some Dole Mixed Greens, 2.7oz can of Chicken of the Sea canned salmon and 2 tbsp of Lite Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.
This wasn’t your typical salad – it had crunch, it had a tangy sweetness, a slightly spicy bite, a starchy texture (even though it wasn’t) and best of all, I’m stuffed! A truly satisfied kinda stuffed.

So, why am I writing this (and if you’ve read to this point, this might interest you) and telling you more than you need to know about what I had for lunch today? I’m trying to get a jump on my New Year’s resolution to start writing and sharing more about everything I learn and discover in my constant quest – as an endurance coach, a fitness instructor, a nutritional counselor and general student of a life well-lived.

Once the website is complete, I will be writing a regular blog ranging in topics from nutrition, exercise, endurance training, racing, adventure travel and mental / emotional candy for your soul.

In the end, don’t you want to look back over a life well lived? Don’t wait.

No room for excuses.

If you haven’t already…start now.

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